About Dr. Hirohisa Oda

Dr. Hirohisa Oda

Dr. Hirohisa Oda

If you google the name Hirohisa Oda today, you find a vast amount of information regarding the works that Dr. Oda has done for the field of Acupuncture and medicine. He is an expert in the field of Asian medicines and has been sought out by many organizations and companies to do educational medical seminars, medical research, and has been a consultant for many medical products that exist in the market today for Acupuncture Practitioners.

Dr. Oda has also worked as a professional translator between English and Japanese for some of the most complex medical and technical information that is available today. He is thought to be one of the few people in the world who can accurately explain and teach the deepest specifics about the Ryodoraku Acupuncture method. Dr. Oda’s education and research in the subject of “pain” has made him famous in the many countries around the world for he has established himself as a credible author, speaker, educator, and medical professional. Dr. Hirohisa Oda is also an historian and well-known for his articles and contributions to various military tactics and weaponry magazines.

Being that much of the foundations of Asian medicinal knowledge can be traced back to China a few thousand years ago, his natural passion for medicine and history has made it easy for him to be able to share his knowledge of not only how things work, but WHY they do and how it was discovered.

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